The moderator’s responsibilities

You must take responsibility for your blog and for others’ comments. There are some important steps to take to protect your blog from, for example, spam comments advertising unsavoury pharmaceuticals or worse.

This will be the start of a series of posts encouraging you to think about writing carefully in your blog, e.g.:

  • Don’t post anything online that you wouldn’t say in person
  • Be selective about posting about your on-going research, although blogs and social media is an excellent way to share “prototypes”
  • Be cautious about posting photos or the names of other people if you’re involved in a sensitive issue

You must also take responsibility not just for your own words but for the comments you allow on your blog, e.g.

And you should follow these Essential WordPress Security Tips – Is Your Blog Protected? 

We’re blogging for the pursuit of academic study, but is it enough to lock down your blog so that anonymous comments are not allowed? Maybe you want to signal your appetite for discussion on the blog – we’ll show you how…


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