What to blog about?

In a previous post we mentioned how you could write – whether formally as an academic argument, or something more light. Whichever line you take, write about something which others want to know about, or that they should know about.

TIP: Be useful

Talk about prototypes, experiments, early research ideas – this is a really good way to find out from the people who comment on your blog or Tweet at you about other projects in a similar area or someone else who has already broken the ground. Better now, than when you finally publish in hard cold print.

If you’re still sceptical about how blogging and tweeting can help your academic project or your research, I can only recommend you to read authors such as:

Dr Melissa Terras

Audio and video podcasts are available of Dr Melissa Terras presenting “Is blogging and tweeting about research papers worth it?”

Share content which is interesting, and people will enjoy reading – and maybe even get some kudos from sharing with their networks. Give your readership something:

  • a link to something (further reading, a photo/video);
  • something people can share, and want to share;
  • launch-pad to where people can find more info;
  • adds value for people, a chance for them to engage with the post and the campaign or project;
  • people should pay even more attention to you for next post.

This is part of the first series of posts about how to write for your blog. And please read the other posts in this blog about writing for impact.



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