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Be consistent and be persistent

Don’t lose interested readers because you did not post for a long while, and don’t change the subject of your blog all of a sudden.

If you’re finding it hard to post frequently then look at similar blogs or Tweets in your subject – which are getting the most responses? Consider responding to their post on your blog as the foundation for your next post.

What about scheduling a particular topic? For example “it’s Thursday it’s four 0’clock so let’s write a brief behind-the-scenes-in-the-laboratory with an interesting photo”. In this way you’ll build a series which readers should want to come back to every few weeks.

Look through your draft posts – remember, right at the beginning of this series we recommend you write a lot of these drafts – is there anything there worth writing up? Maybe a new Twitter conversation has sparked something you have already started to write about? Re-visit our post about “What to blog about?”, maybe some of the experts have a recommendation you can add to your work-flow?

Your audience won’t grow overnight. However if you continue to add content regularly – notice I don’t say frequently – and you follow some of the techniques outlined in this series about how to write for your blog, and you promote your blog (our next series of posts) then you should see an increase in your figures.


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