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Blogs are more fun to read than research

The title paraphrases Marie-Josee Shaar in response to Why Blogs are Better Than Research by Jeremy McCarthy, 2011 in The Psychology of Wellbeing: Questions of Science.


Free the Fact by Dave Gray

Learn more about open access to research by reading Jeremy’s blog, and read about Open Access in Oxford.

Gain academic attention with blogging

“Should I blog?” If you are worried that blogging and being active on social media is yet another addition to their already heavy work regime, then read Academic blogging is part of a complex online academic attention economy, leading to unprecedented readership by Inger Mewburn and Pat Thomson, 2013 on the LSE Impact Blog.


Compare¬†the “article views”

Read Inger and Pat’s blog to discover what they did to achieve this

How many more people will read your tweets and your blog, than your dissertation?

“Thousands!”¬†according to Philip Guo (@pgbovine), Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science, UC San Diego, in a supportive tweet to J. Nathan Matias (@natematias), MIT Center for Civic Media:


Read the other posts in this blog about writing for impact.


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