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Use old words when writing for findability

It’s not a new concept, but valid still 10 years on: “Use Old Words When Writing for Findability” by Jakob Nielsen (from 2006, published by the Neilsen Norman Group). This adds to our thoughts about search engine optimisation elsewhere on Creating a WordPress site, i.e. how you can help Google find your blog.

Familiar words spring to mind when users create their search queries. If your writing favors made-up terms over legacy words, users won’t find your site.


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Writing for SEO i.e. to help Google find your blog

Dr Melissa Terras

Audio and video podcasts are available of Dr Melissa Terras presenting “Is blogging and tweeting about research papers worth it?”

In this post in the Writing series we look at how you can use some Search Engine Optimisation techniques – that’s “SEO” – to make sure people searching Google find your blog.

Writing to help Google find your blog

  1. Focus on 1 topic per post, put this keyword in the post as follows:
  2. Build links to a post (or your blog) to help it rank better – build your online presence!

If you want to know more about how blogging and tweeting can help your academic project or your research check our other posts in this blog, like “What to blog about” and especially follow some of the references like Dr Melissa Terras, UCL, who for example talks about Is blogging and tweeting about research papers worth it? The Verdict. (Also available as audio or video podcasts podcasts in the University of Oxford Engage series.)

This post about writing to help Google find your blog was inspired by a presentation about “Help Google work out what each page is about” from http://oxforddigitalmarketing.co.uk.

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